$110k in Scholarships Support Students

Students receiving scholarships were joined by presenters such as Board of Trustees Vice Chair Gerard Carroll (middle, suit).

PARAMUS, N.J. – “The season of giving” came to Bergen Community College Dec. 11 thanks to the generosity of the College’s foundation donors, awarding 100 students approximately $110,000 in scholarships to help support their education. The ceremony, which took place in the institution’s Anna Maria Ciccone Theatre at its main campus, recognized students with high academic achievements and goals.

Scholarships represent increasingly critical lifelines for community college students – 50 percent report financial issues could cause them to leave their institution, according to the Center for Community College Student Engagement, thereby delaying their completion of a degree program and entry into the workforce.

The Bergen Community College Foundation leads the application and disbursement process, which has totaled nearly $20 million since its inception in 1982. To support future student scholarships as part of the $50 for 50 campaign, visit tinyurl.com/bergen50.

Fall 2017 scholarship recipients, by hometown:


Shelley Capener, $1,000, Pitkin Scholarship



Amanda-Rachel Garcia, $1,500, John MacQuaide Memorial Scholarship



Geraldine Mae Lua, $1,000, Ciarco Family Scholarship



Michael Barlow, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship

Isaac Reyes, $1,000, David & Gertrude Schwimmer Endowed

Danesa Salcedo, $2,500, Leo Foundation Scholarship

Jagerynn Verano, $1,000, Louis Girshon Endowed Scholarship



Tyler Laursen-Carr, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship


Cliffside Park

Ashly Masmela, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship

Silvia Maresca, $1,000, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Doreta Biba, $1,000, Moses Family Scholarship

Julian Bargo, $1,000, Robert S. Hekemian Scholarship



Kushal Swami, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship



Caroline Sabsoul Moreno, $1,000, Moses Family



Jade Alameda, $500, Diana Oquendo, M.D. Scholarship

Jaclyn Dore, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Misael Espinal , $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Yong Min Chen, $1,000, Pitkin Scholarship


Elmwood Park

Umar Abdullah, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship

Nimra Arshad, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship

Suad Pjetrovic, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship

Constanza Navarrete Villena, $1,000, Red Fox Scholarship

Carissa Tedesco, $1,000, Red Fox Scholarship



Anexis Ruiz, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship

Juleen M. Reid, $1,000, Louis Girshon Endowed Scholarship


Fair Lawn

Flora Awuku, $1,000, Alumni Nursing Network Scholarship

Demetrius Johnson, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship

Rosio Sanchez, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship

Richard Bohajian, $1,000, Rev. Carnig Antranik Hallajian Endowment Scholarship

Paul Lazaro, $1,000, PSEG Scholarship



Lana Sarama, $1,000, Alumni Network Scholarship


Fort Lee

Isana Mizuma, $1,000, Alumni Network Scholarship

June Cutrupi, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Annie Kim, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

Eunice Ko, $1,000, Robert S. Hekemian Scholarship



George Alvarado, $1,000, Alumni Network Scholarship

Laura   Chorzepa, $1,000, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Andrej Gjorgiev, $1,000, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Luis Salinas, $1,000, Franco-Miranda Memorial Scholarship

Jelena  Melnichenko, $1,000, Moses Family Scholarship

Zhane Ball, $2,223, Philip Begonia Scholarship

Alis Artyunyan, $1,000, Red Fox Scholarship

Pedro Ugarte-Varon, $1,000, Red Fox Scholarship

Valkeita Howell, $2,500, Leo Foundation Scholarship


Glen Rock

Kevin Bergen, $2,000, Michael J. Esposito Endowed Trust Scholarship

Matthew Rella , $2,000, Michael J. Esposito Endowed Trust Scholarship



Ana Meneces, $1,000, Robert S. Hekemian Scholarship



Andreanna Nordland, $500, Ira Kaltman Scholarship



Robert Michel, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship

Gabriela Correa, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship



Marianna Maltsev, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship

Valerian Monceau, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship


Jersey City

Jaqueline Lunkes, $1,000, Moses Family Scholarship



Hina Malik, $1,000, Ciarco Family Scholarship



Alexander Czechowicz, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship


Little Ferry

Shivani Patel, $1,000, Alumni Network Scholarship

Massiel Erazo, $1,000, Moses Family Scholarship



Alexa Ramos, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship

Leslie Bottier, $2,000, Michael J. Esposito Endowed Trust Scholarship

Remila Jasharllari, $1,000, Moses Family Scholarship

Nicolette Cacciatore, $1,671, Philip Begonia Scholar

Lindsey Njanja, $1,000, PSEG Scholarship



Genesis Powell, $1,000, Alumni Network Scholarship

Samantha Da Silva, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship



Sibora Peca, $1,000, PSEG Scholarship


New Milford

Justin Sterling, $1,000, Moses Family Scholarship

Keanu Carbon, $1,000, Robert S. Hekemian Scholarship


North Arlington

Lara Esteves-Teixeira, $1,000, Red Fox Scholarship



Yasin Balik, $1,000, Red Fox Scholarship



Theresa Cruciata, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship


Palisades Park

Sung Bong Kim, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship

JeongSu Kim, $1,000, Moses Family Scholarship

Bryan Perez Garcia, $1,000, Robert S. Hekemian Scholarship



Paula Gansel, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship


Ridgefield Park

Shirleybe Rojas, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship

Ariana Basdeo, $1,000, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Erna Xheraj, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship



Hahyung Jung, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship



Nadia Kadkweh, $1,000, Red Fox Scholarship


River Vale

Un Yung Kim, $2,500, Leo Foundation Scholarship

John Misha, $1,000, Red Fox Scholarship


Rochelle Park

Mikala Yavorski, $1,000, Red Fox Scholarship



SeoHyun Chang, $1,000, Moses Family Scholarship


Saddle Brook

Caitlin Conway, $1,000, Alumni Nursing Network Scholarship

Brittany MacDonald, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship


South Hackensack

Gessilda Galang, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship


Suffern, New York

Olena Yemtchuk, $1,000, Ciarco Family Scholarship



Ivana Rivera, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship



Arian Richardson, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship

Andy Corniel, $1,000, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Kemrick Petree, $1,000, Gourmet Dining Scholarship



Eleonora Tatazi, $1,000, Moses Family Scholarship



Nicolette Riccobono, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship



Stephanie Bahamonde, $1,000, Ciarco Family Scholarship



Yousif Shamil, $1,000, Ciarco Family Scholarship

Sasha De La Torre, $1,000, Franco-Miranda Memorial Scholarship


West Milford

Steven Veninger, $1,000, Foundation General Scholarship


West New York

Cesar Cedano-Reinoso, $1,000, Red Fox Scholarship


Based in Paramus, Bergen Community College (www.bergen.edu), a public two-year coeducational college celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017-18, enrolls 14,000 students at locations in Paramus, the Philip Ciarco Jr. Learning Center in Hackensack and Bergen Community College at the Meadowlands in Lyndhurst. The College offers associate degree, certificate and continuing education programs in a variety of fields. More students graduate from Bergen than any other community college in the state.

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